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Use for questions asking about the specifications, identification, or compatibility of specific connectors.

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Esc Connections

I have bought an esc from atomrc (BLS2in110A2~4S) and can’t work out what the connectors are! Here’s a link to the product:
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JST-PHB does not seem to exist?

I am trying to find connectors with 2 pin rows and a lock mechanism and 2mm pitch. The only source I can find them are chinese sellers, and they label them as JLT-PHB, however, looking through the ...
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How 70C 2Ah batteries can have XT60 connector if it rated only for 60A current and not 140A?

Can it fit higher currents than nominal? Is it safe?
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Should I physically solder the components to the flight controller, or should I solder the quick disassemble connectors? How is the community do it?

Should I physically solder the components to the flight controller, or should I solder the connectors so I can disassemble the model? Which type of connectors can I use? I plan to use XT60 for motors ...
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What type of connector is used on the DJI manifold 2?

I'm looking for a certain connector's specification that is used in the DJI Manifold 2. Unfortunately, there is no information about this connector's specifications in the data sheet, it only talks ...
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Unrecognised ESC motor connector

I purchased an ESC and a Speed 400 motor about 17 years ago with the intention of building my first electric powered model plane. Life took its various turns though and my time for R/C modelling dried ...
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Affordable ways to crimp your own connectors

Ever since PX4 and DroneCode came up with their connector pinout standards. I see more and more sensors and devices off the shelf adopting the same This is particularly the JST-GH and Dupont ...
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