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Questions tagged [px4]

Use in reference to the Pixhawk PX4 autopilot/flight controller.

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PX4/Ardupilot: How to update quadcopter state over USB/UART?

I'm interested in integrating a SLAM system with a quadcopter using an existing controller for low level control. What I'm wondering is, how can the absolute state be updated via the SLAM system? Ex, ...
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IMU Redundancy from different IMU models

I've noticed that a lot of flight controllers have multiple IMUs and Barometers, which makes sense from a redundancy standpoint. But the interesting thing is that they use different models of IMUs. ...
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Pitch control in PX4 autopilot

I am trying to translate controller diagram of fixed wing px4 attitude control into mathematical form. While going through the controller diagram Fixed-Wing Attitude Controller looking into PX4 github ...
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Location of Flight Controller in drone (PX4 specific)

I have a question for experienced users of PX4. Can the flight controller be placed anywhere in the drone, as long as it is pointing in the right direction and the calibration is made in the correct ...
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Turn off beeping of ESC if idle for some time

I have holybro X500 V2 kit with pixhawk 6x, which contains BLHeli S ESC. I usually have this drone turned on while I'm doing some programming on it. But after some ...
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Hover stability: PX4 vs. DJI Mavic Mini

About a year ago I started building my own drones. I've settled into Betaflight for FPV and PX4 for photography. I've never used a "real" off-the-shelf drone, being a DIY'er. Recently I saw ...
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Pixhawk 4 vs Hex Cube Orange on Auterion platform

I would like to know if Hex Cube Orange is compatible with software developed on auterion. I know that pixhawk 4 is compatible, but since Hex cube has a better CPU, I'm more leaned to choose hex cube. ...
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6 votes
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Connecting 4 in 1 esc with power module

I have a 4 in 1 iflight esc currently connected to my motors. I am attempting to interface it with my flight controller (Pixhawk 4), which comes with a power module (
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Affordable ways to crimp your own connectors

Ever since PX4 and DroneCode came up with their connector pinout standards. I see more and more sensors and devices off the shelf adopting the same This is particularly the JST-GH and Dupont ...
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