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Use in reference to the Pixhawk PX4 autopilot/flight controller.

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Hover stability: PX4 vs. DJI Mavic Mini

About a year ago I started building my own drones. I've settled into Betaflight for FPV and PX4 for photography. I've never used a "real" off-the-shelf drone, being a DIY'er. Recently I saw ...
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Pixhawk 4 vs Hex Cube Orange on Auterion platform

I would like to know if Hex Cube Orange is compatible with software developed on auterion. I know that pixhawk 4 is compatible, but since Hex cube has a better CPU, I'm more leaned to choose hex cube. ...
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6 votes
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Connecting 4 in 1 esc with power module

I have a 4 in 1 iflight esc currently connected to my motors. I am attempting to interface it with my flight controller (Pixhawk 4), which comes with a power module (
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Affordable ways to crimp your own connectors

Ever since PX4 and DroneCode came up with their connector pinout standards. I see more and more sensors and devices off the shelf adopting the same This is particularly the JST-GH and Dupont ...
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