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Should I physically solder the components to the flight controller, or should I solder the quick disassemble connectors? How is the community do it?

Should I physically solder the components to the flight controller, or should I solder the connectors so I can disassemble the model? Which type of connectors can I use? I plan to use XT60 for motors ...
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LiPo battery voltage keeps dropping when connected to PDB

I have an F450 quadcopter frame with the integrated Power Distribution Board. In order to use this feature, I soldered the battery (XT60) and the four ESC (Dean-T) connectors. I tested the continuity ...
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What is this pad on the HappyModel EP2 2.4G ExpressLRS Receiver?

I have soldered wires to "HappyModel EP2 2.4G ExpressLRS Receiver". There is one pad I don't know and can't find what it is for. See the pic "EP2 RX connection diagram". The ...
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How far can you get video without a VTX antenna?

My VTX antenna connector got ripped off the VTX, and I don't know if I fixed it properly or not since the VTX sends video without an antenna plugged in.
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Installing Spektrum receiver onto AtomRC Dodo

I'm a noob who just received an Atomrc dodo, and I have a Spektrum SPM4650 receiver I need to install. The wiring diagram (below) is clear enough, but I'm new to soldering and would prefer to avoid ...
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Please recommend a soldering iron for hobby use

I'm frustrated with cheap irons that take ages to heat up, don't hold a consistent temperature, only have one size of tip and break after a year or so. What sort of thing should I buy that can handle ...
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