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A flying machine that uses multiple propellers, or rotors, to maintain flight.
46 questions
A drone which uses four motors to fly.
44 questions
For questions about the physical parts and components that make up a UAV.
39 questions
Use for questions regarding brushless DC motors.
34 questions
Use in reference to the open-source multirotor and fixed-wing flight controller firmware maintained by the community.
32 questions
Use in reference to Lithium Polymer batteries, commonly used for their excellent energy density and their ability to provide large currents.
32 questions
The electronic component responsible for controlling a drone or model aircraft based on inputs from the receiver and outside forces acting upon the drone or model aircraft.
27 questions
Use in questions relating to drones or model aircraft which are operated with a video transmission from the drone/aircraft to a ground station or headset.
25 questions
An electronic component that creates torque (rotational force) when electricity is applied.
24 questions
For questions about the batteries of your drone. Please consider using a more specific tag as well, e.g. [lipo].
24 questions
transmit or receive a radio signal.
22 questions
Use in reference to electronic speed controllers, used with both brushed and brushless DC motors on drones and model aircraft.
22 questions
A mechanical device for propelling a drone or aircraft, consisting of a shaft with two or more angled blades attached to it.
22 questions
For questions asking for recommendations for drones, model aircraft, or parts. Be sure to clearly indicate the specific requirements, or your question may be marked opinion-based.
21 questions
For use with questions asking for direction or guidance on rules relating to drone use. Please consider also using a country tag, if appropriate.
20 questions
turn an input into a signal that is then sent to a receiver.
18 questions
Use in questions asking about the physical capabilities or limitations of a drone/model aircraft.
17 questions
Also referred to as "VTX". Use on questions regarding video transmitters.
15 questions
An electronic component that receives the information sent by a transmitter.
14 questions
if you are looking for help with a problem. Remember to post as much detail as possible, including what you have tried so far.
14 questions
For use on questions regarding the proper use of, maintenance of, and safety measures when using batteries.
14 questions
For questions about aircraft that use wings to generate lift.
14 questions
Use in questions asking about why the materials or components of drones/model aircraft are constructed in a certain way.
11 questions
Use in questions comparing two or more things related to drones or model aircraft. Provide as much detail as possible to avoid your question being marked as opinion-based.
11 questions
Questions about software that runs on a computer or mobile device. For microcontroller code, use [firmware].
11 questions
For questions about drones which weigh less than 250g (known as "Class C0" in Europe)
10 questions
Use in reference to the manufacturer of consumer RC transmitter and receiver gear.
9 questions
For questions about using and operating drones and model aircraft safely
8 questions
Use for questions asking how to assemble, construct, or otherwise put together drones and model aircraft or related components.
8 questions
Any method of propulsion used by drones or model aircraft to move and fly.
8 questions
For questions about the physical design, materials and manufacturing of a drone frame.
7 questions
For questions regarding the electronic components on a drone. For questions about how to wire them together, use [wiring]
7 questions
Questions about the code that runs on a microcontroller. For software that runs on a computer or mobile device, use [software].
7 questions
the United States' regulatory body for aviation regulations. Use for questions about FAA regulations regarding model aircraft and drones.
7 questions
Use with questions about the interaction of air with and around parts of an unmanned aircraft.
7 questions
on questions about projects entirely or mostly built from scratch.
6 questions
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