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For questions specifically about taking videos in drones as opposed to taking photos

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Simultaneous video streaming to raspberry pi and GCS

I am working on a project in which I use a raspberry pi 4 on my drone to process the camera images and send some commands to pixhawk autopilot based on the information coming from image processing. I ...
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Drone recommended for quality shooting but for non-experts

I would need to buy a serious drone to make quality videos and footage. However, searching online there is a lot of stuff that is passed off as "better than others". Could someone recommend ...
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Electronic Image Stabilization in drones

I am exploring on various Electronic Image Stabilization algorithms for camera on drones. Got few links to understand what EIS is all about: AUTOMATIC TARGET DETECTION AND TRACKING IN UAV IMAGERY UAV ...
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Implementing object detection in DJI Mavic 2 pro in real time

I have developed a model in python (pytorch) for detecting specific kind of objects, Now I'd like to embed and load this model into the my DJI Mavic 2 pro, According to posts I understand I need to ...
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DJI Mavic Mini 2 can't record 2.7k 60fps after update

As announced, DJI Mavic Mini 2 should support 2.7k 60fps. I have the latest update of 01.02.0300 but still do not see the option. Does anybody have the same problem ? Thank you!
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2D/3D/fpv video glasses to use with external camera

I do not have any prior experience with FPV goggles (never owned one), but now I am involved in a project where I need to connect a video or FPV glasses to an external camera through a wired ...
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Video being indexed on SD card, but no duration time and no actual video recorded

I am using an HS-Series Holy Stone drone. I was able to get one video recording, but every subsequent video recording indexes the recording, but no duration time, and no actual video in it even when ...
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Is there an open source video processing/sensor based follow me technology?

I'm constructing a multirotor drone and want to introduce follow me feature, are there any open source solutions I can use for that purpose? Please note that I want the tracking algorithm to be ...
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Transmit video from drone to laptop via WiFi

I recently decided to build my first drone and bought Eachine Tyro 129 KIT. It has a 5.8GHz video transmitter - xf5804 which is supposed to send video to 5.8GHz goggles. I don't have goggles and I'm ...
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How to control a gimbal remotely?

Is there a simple way to remotely control the panning of a gimbal (preferably with a separate stick/joystick, controlled by another person)? I'm planning to do a budget cinematography/utility camera ...
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Keep quadcopter steady when taking a video

Whenever I take a video on my small quadcopter, it’s never steady. It always bounces up and down a bit rather than keeping level. How can this be stopped/prevented?
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Why is it bad to power up a drone without an antenna on the VTX?

I've heard a few times now that if you power up your drone you have to make sure that you have an antenna on the VTX. Is that true? If so, what will happen if I power up my drone without an antenna on ...
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USB Webcam Parts for FPV?

I have a camera taken out of an old usb webcam. It has four wires attached to and labeled on the board: 5V (red); DM (white); DP (green); and GND (black). I was thinking I could use it just like a '...
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