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A pivoted support that allows for the rotation of an object about a single axis. Usually three are combined to stabilize a camera on all 3 axis.

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Where to find dimensions for DJI Phantom 3 gimbal?

Basically I am trying to make my own drone with carbon fiber rods and 3d printed connectors. I have selected a battery, motors, propellers, etc. I also have a DJI phantom 3 drone which I would like to ...
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Is Gremsy Mio gimbal compatible with DJI matrice 100 UAV?

Is Gremsy Mio gimbal compatible with DJI matrice 100 UAV? Link to gimbal part: Link to UAV part:
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What size screws do I need for this motor

I am using this gimbal motor. I need to know what size screws do I need to use. I am developing egg and a frame that has 5 mm thick walls, and based on the chart I know I need to use 4m screws. I ...
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How to control a gimbal remotely?

Is there a simple way to remotely control the panning of a gimbal (preferably with a separate stick/joystick, controlled by another person)? I'm planning to do a budget cinematography/utility camera ...
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