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Use for questions regarding different methods for providing control inputs to an RC aircraft.

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Pitch control in PX4 autopilot

I am trying to translate controller diagram of fixed wing px4 attitude control into mathematical form. While going through the controller diagram Fixed-Wing Attitude Controller looking into PX4 github ...
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What is the standard setting for the Ele stick in FPV mode

I've been flying quads for quite a while both line of sight and FPV. I started with Liftoff simulator FPV where I had the settings set the way that when I move the Ele stick backwards, the drone moves ...
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How to control a gimbal remotely?

Is there a simple way to remotely control the panning of a gimbal (preferably with a separate stick/joystick, controlled by another person)? I'm planning to do a budget cinematography/utility camera ...
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First radio transmitter. Taranis X-Lite, X9 Lite or Jumper T8GS?

I'm looking for a nice budget radio transmitter to start in the hooby and stay with it for some good time. I'm found these three good options but I'm tottaly newbie so I don't know the pros and cons ...
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Do drones with inflight API access for control inputs exist?

I am a software engineer brand new to drones. I want a drone where I have full access to all of the flight controls programmatically. For example, I can run a python script and once executed, it ...
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