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How to Simultaneously View and Record GoPro Content While Flying

I want to be able to remotely take pictures and start and stop video using a GoPro Hero 9 Black while it's attached to a quadcopter. The pictures will need to be saved to the GoPro's internal memory ...
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2 answers

Video being indexed on SD card, but no duration time and no actual video recorded

I am using an HS-Series Holy Stone drone. I was able to get one video recording, but every subsequent video recording indexes the recording, but no duration time, and no actual video in it even when ...
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4 votes
1 answer

How to record footage from AcroBee Lite?

I have an AcroBee Lite(linked to the site I bought it) that I've gotten okay with, and now I would like to record some footage with it. The only problem is, I can't figure out how to record. Any idea ...
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How to control a gimbal remotely?

Is there a simple way to remotely control the panning of a gimbal (preferably with a separate stick/joystick, controlled by another person)? I'm planning to do a budget cinematography/utility camera ...
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what HD cameras should be used and for what purpose?

I was looking for a camera the other day and I came across a few options. GoPro Session 5, Caddx Orca, Gopro Hero 8 Black, Insta360 One R, and the GoPro Hero 7 silver. I realize that these are all ...
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