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How to use real DJI controller in simulator

I've got a DJI Mini 2 and I'm aware their official application (DJI Simulator) does not support it. Anyway, I wonder if I can use the real Mini 2 controller in any third-part simulator. I'm more ...
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How come the DJI Fly App is NOT in Google Play Store?

Just got a DJI Mini 2, and followed the instructions to get it up and flying, but the required DJI Fly App was not in Google Play Store. I downloaded it, installed it, and successfully flew with it. ...
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Does DJI Mini [2] have the same geofencing as other DJI drones?

DJI is infamous for its overzealous geofencing. This feature prevents or seriously hinders operation, sometimes in areas where there are no legal restrictions. Now, in most jurisdictions, sub-250g ...
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Does the Mavic Mini 2 drone support the DJI FPV controller and goggles?

The drone: Official Website | Where I'm buying it from I am looking for a drone for a class at school, but we need one under 250 grams, and that supports First Person View, so that we can use VR ...
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Is it safe/good to store a Mavic Mini 2 LiPo battery at ~18% for an unplanned next flight?

They say it is best to store at ~60% but I personally don't want to spend CC for charging it first and then discharging my battery. Note: someone said, I can just charge the battery and unplug the ...
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Are drone batteries more prone to swelling than other li-ion batteries?

I have lithium ion batteries in my cell phones, laptops, portable chargers, and all sorts of devices. Sometimes I'll keep them off for a week or two and when I turn the device on, the charge may be ...
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How to use DJI Mini2 to do 3D Photogrammetry?

I have only DJI Mini2. I plan to do 3D mapping (photogrammetry) with mini2. Dronelink doesn't fit mini2 yet, so how do I use DJI Mini2 to do 3D Mapping? Simply put, Drone Mapping is when you specify ...
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DJI Mavic Mini 2 can't record 2.7k 60fps after update

As announced, DJI Mavic Mini 2 should support 2.7k 60fps. I have the latest update of 01.02.0300 but still do not see the option. Does anybody have the same problem ? Thank you!
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DJI Mini 2 Mapping Capabilities

I planned to buy my first drone to ease my work. Recently, I found the DJI Mini 2, which I can afford to buy. I've already done some research about drone mapping. Based on my findings on the internet, ...
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