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Use in reference to the digital ESC signaling protocol for communication between ESCs and flight controllers.

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Is there is a need to continously send command via DSHOT protocol?

I am building a flight controller and was implementing the Dshot protocol for esc communication. What I could not find is that if you need to send the data frame continuously to the esc. Because when ...
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Uneven RPM output across motors, how to fix?

After enabling the RPM measurement on a Quad-X craft that flips on takeoff, I see that the front motors (#4 and especially #2) consistently deliver higher RPM for the same throttle input. Here are ...
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Bidirectional DShot not working after 5 beeps (BLHeli_32)

I have a 4in1 ESC (Mamba 45A 96k) with BLHeli_32, my FC is running Betaflight 4.3. Since the last crash one ESC only works with normal unidirectional DShot. As soon as I enable bidirectional DShot, I ...
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BLHELI32 DShot600 or DShot150 is not activated in my ESCs from my code written in c c++ in testing with 3 different ESC

My question is more related to inner working of ESC than coding. Particularly how to activate a particular protocol like DShot600 or Dshot150. Assuming a generic BLHELI ESC has all these protocols. I ...
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Why isn't my manual DSHOT600 programming of a HobbyWing ESC not responding to direction change?

I wrote a firmware for an STM32L4 board to talk to a HobbyWing XRotor Micro 60A running BLHeli_32. I can drive each motor indiviudally just fine using DSHOT600 by bit-blasting the signals out of GPIO ...
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Betaflight with Mamba F405 MK2 stack 40A ESC's and XING-E 2207 motors problem

I build a quad using Mamba F405 MK2 stack 40A ESC's and XING-E 2207 motors. Here are some pictures of my configurations on Betaflight and BLHeli Configurator: Also ...
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What is DSHOT in ESCs?

I've heard that modern quadcopters use a DSHOT protocol. Could you describe what it is? What's its purpose?
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What happened to DSHOT1200 support in Betaflight?

I just went to update my flight controller from 3.5.3 to 4.1.0, and I noticed that some time in the past two years the option to enable DSHOT1200 was removed from Betaflight. Does anyone know why ...
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