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Questions about the code that runs on a microcontroller. For software that runs on a computer or mobile device, use [software].

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Trying to bind xm+ to tx12 radiomaster

Hello I am trying to bind xm+ to a radiomaster tx12 w cc2500 mode inside ive tried rolling back the firmware on the xm+ but to no prevail. Also tied version 2 with frsky x2 (d16) Nothing seems to be ...
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Enabling obstacle avoidance in a cheap Chinese drone (E100 Mini Drone)

I bought the E100 Mini Drone, similar to this - and it seems the obstacle avoidance function doesn't work. I can still return it, or keep it for a refund of roughly half the price. I'd keep it, if it ...
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I am looking for a board like the Multiwii Crius SE. It is currently discontinued and I really need an alternative that supports Multiwii firmware

Here is a link to Multiwii and it's site --> Multiwii was really popular around 2011 to 2015. Ever since, their best board, the Crius SE, has been discontinued. I am really ...
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Can motors be "too big" for any reason?

I'm wondering, what would make a certain motor "too powerful/large" for a build? Could software/firmware of FC/ESCs be a problem? The only thing I could come up with is strength of the frame ...
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Can Reinforcement Learning be used for UAV waypoint control?

I want to make a drone which can follow static and dynamic waypoints. I am a total beginner in the drone field so I can't figure out whether I should use Reinforcement Learning or other learning ...
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What happened to DSHOT1200 support in Betaflight?

I just went to update my flight controller from 3.5.3 to 4.1.0, and I noticed that some time in the past two years the option to enable DSHOT1200 was removed from Betaflight. Does anyone know why ...
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How to update the firmware of a T16 Pro's internal multiprotocol module?

How should I go about updating the internal multiprotocol module firmware of my Jumper T16 Pro?
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What are the available solutions for creating complex user-defined UAV behavior in autopilots?

Most freely available autopilot-enabled flight control hardware and firmware for hobby/consumer-grade UAVs seem to have a rather fixed feature set. There are usually varying degrees of stabilization, ...
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How to enter DFU mode on my flight controller?

How can I enter DFU mode on flight controllers, in particular on my CL Racing F4S flight controller? Ref.:
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What do I need to do to get OpenTx 2.3.X to include D8 on a Taranis QX7 model?

I'm trying to do away with swapping my multiprotocol module and CRSF Micro TX unit, and have some D8 receivers that can arguably do the trick, but I haven't had any success with this after flashing up ...
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