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For questions regarding the BLHeli ESC firmware.

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ESC Powerbehavior when throttling up or down

for my flight control system I want to track my motor rpm (more or less to feed orientation estimation with thrust and moments). I wrote a simple class based on following formula $$ \dot \omega = \...
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How much amperes should ESC have?

How to choose power of ESC? Manufacturer of motors said that maximum amperes for this motor is 40A. Does it mean that I need to put separate 40A ESC for each motor or 160A 4-in-1 ESC? How to choose ...
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BLHELI32 DShot600 or DShot150 is not activated in my ESCs from my code written in c c++ in testing with 3 different ESC

My question is more related to inner working of ESC than coding. Particularly how to activate a particular protocol like DShot600 or Dshot150. Assuming a generic BLHELI ESC has all these protocols. I ...
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How to connect ESC to serial?

I am looking for a way to access to configuration of Blheli-S firmware running on a Diatone Mamba F30Mini: It seems possible using : blheli-configurator BLHeliSuite There is explanation on ...
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What is Commutation Enhancement in BLHeli_M and what should i set it to?

In the BLHeli_M version of the BLHeli Configurator, theres an Option for Commutation Enhancement. By default its set to Async-PWM but it can be set from 3%-CE to 100%-CE. What does this Parameter do ...
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ESC power up beeps sound twice: du-du-du...du-du-du beep-beep

Just recently, my power-up beep sounds have changed. The normal sequence is just du-du-du beep-beep for ESC power, then throttle signal, right? Now I get du-du-du, pause, du-du-du (again) beep-beep. ...
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Cannot configure ESC: BLHeli-Configuator connects but with blank screen

ESC: GEPRC STABLE PRO F7 ESC BL32 2-6S 4in1 Specs:35A BLheli_32 ESC Steps to connect to BLHeli-Configurator: Connect to flight control (GEPRC STABLE PRO F7 35A) via mini usb Connect Lipo Battery to ...
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Tuning sharp turn prop wash

When I do a split-S or make a sharp turn around an object, my drone shakes due to the prop wash. I have heard that this prop wash (from abrupt turns) is the hardest to remove via tuning. I've tried ...
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Does active braking help protect propellers from damage?

As far as I know with active braking option enabled in BLHeli32 the speed controller will counteract the free spinning of the rotor according to throttle value hence making it slow down quicker when ...
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How to create a motor startup tone with a BLHeli ESC?

I am using a 32bit DShot1200 ESC, how can I make a custom startup sound for when the drone is powered on?
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