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How to "convert" rotoss thrusts to Yaw/Pitch/Roll/Throttle commands

I'm trying to use Flightmare(home) simulator to create a control model using reinforcement learning. The simulator is great, but its environment accepts step command with four values of rotor thrusts ...
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DJI Simulation software for Linux without physical drone

I need a software for linux, that can connect to a DJI Remote control (RM500) via USB, and can send simulated GPS data to the RC. Normally, DJI says, that you need a physical drone present to access ...
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How to use real DJI controller in simulator

I've got a DJI Mini 2 and I'm aware their official application (DJI Simulator) does not support it. Anyway, I wonder if I can use the real Mini 2 controller in any third-part simulator. I'm more ...
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Is there a simulator in which you can test your own helicopter model?

I am currently trying to make a model helicopter. I have calculated lift generated by the blades and upward acceleration of the helicopter. However, I amn't very sure if my helicopter will fly or not. ...
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How can I update my flysky fs-i6?

I bought a flysky simulator cable but my computer running Windows 10 won't recognize the transmitter when I plug it in. I even tried it using Arduino UNO and a Windows 7 PC but didn't work either.
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How can I use XFLR5 in Ubuntu 20.04

I'm working on an aircraft project and I need XFLR5 to decide on a suitable airfoil. However, I can see that it is only available in Ubuntu 18.04. I'm using Ubuntu 20.04. What can I do about this? Is ...
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What is the advantage of using more motors?

I am at the beginning of a drone project, which will have a 25 kg MTOW, and I am analyzing whether I use four, six or eigth engines. Is there a good advantage of using more motors or does it really ...
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Drone/Quadcopter sim that allows custom building/editing of (large) quads?

For some reason, there seems to be a huge gap when it comes to medium-sized video platform drones, such as one I'm planning to build. I don't have any experience with acro flying, so while pretty much ...
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How can I learn to fly RC planes using a simulator?

I intend to learn how to fly RC fixed-wing planes (I have previously worked on semi-autonomous aircraft, but had never learned how to fly RC planes). However, I currently live in a small place where ...
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DJI Go Android App Flight Simulator

So I have two DJI platforms, and have had them for about 6 months now. I keep seeing these references all over the Internet and YouTube about how handy it is to have the DJI simulator built into the ...
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Drone simulators for designing and flying aircraft?

Is there any free software that can design drones/aircraft and test fly them? Thank you. I’m looking for a software with no controller needed, just to test if the aircraft/drone can hover with ...
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Free simulators to use when actual RC flying is not possible [closed]

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I haven't been able to fly any RC aircraft for many weeks. Given that the pandemic shows no signs of slowing down, I'm preparing for the continuation of this situation ...
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