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Use in questions regarding the proper methods that should be used to charge LiPo, Li-ion, or other batteries.

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What should a LiPo's voltage be at full charge?

How can I determine what the voltage of a LiPo should be when at full charge? Specifically, what should the voltage at full charge for a 2200mAh 20c 3-cell LiPo be?
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Drone with authonomous charging and able to fly on flight plan / trajectory

Would you recommend a drone which can surveil agricultural areas regularly? It should be able: autonomus charge itself, without human help flight on trajectory / preprogrammed flight plan not too ...
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Will this concept for completely autonomous drone charging work

I'm not entirely sure if this goes to drones or electronics. Feel free to move it. I'm working on a completely autonomous drone system. It is not only supposed to fly autonomous missions, but also to ...
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Can I use a MJX bugs 5w battery and/or charger for the MJX Bugs 5w 4k (upgraded version)?

I am wondering if I can use the MJX bugs 5w battery for its upgraded version (MJX bugs 5w 4k) as it seems they both are the same dimensions, so it can slide into the drone. Also, I am wondering if I ...
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Is it safe/good to store a Mavic Mini 2 LiPo battery at ~18% for an unplanned next flight?

They say it is best to store at ~60% but I personally don't want to spend CC for charging it first and then discharging my battery. Note: someone said, I can just charge the battery and unplug the ...
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Charge Tello while powered on?

Is it possible to charge the embedded battery in DJI Tello while the drone is powered on, in any state? Eg restart, emergency, landed For example, when I want to keep taking photos (without flying), ...
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Li-ion battery will not charge on ISDT Q8 Smart Charger

The Li-ion Pack has 4 18650 lithium-ion batteries with a soldered Balancer and XT60. On my ISDT charger, the read out voltage for each battery cell is: 3.17V 3.18V 3.29V 2.93V Whenever I try to ...
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Would it be possible to inductively recharge a drone battery?

Regular drones can only fly around 15-30 minutes before the battery runs out, which is annoying. Newer smart phones use inductive loading, so it is possible to load a battery through such a field. ...
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Can a lipo battery be charged with more than 0.5 amps? [duplicate]

Using ISDT q8 to charge my 1205mAh 6S lipo battery. I'm wondering if I can change the default settings and charge with more amps? Is this recommended or will it degrade the battery much quicker. Any ...
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LiPo battery power maximization

I have a 3S1P 2.2A 50C battery for a drone that I build. I have a charger that looks like this: At first, when ...
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Empty Cells on LiPo - Balance Charger or Battery Problem?

I recently opened up a box of 5 year old 3S LiPos which I had in storage. When I hooked them up to my Turnigy Accucel 6 80w balance charger, they mostly measured total voltages around 11v~. However, ...
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At what current should I charge a LiPo battery?

I have several different LiPo batteries which I use with my drones, many of them are different voltages and different capacities. How do I know at what current I should charge my drone LiPo batteries?
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How to charge LiPo batteries in series?

Is there any way to use my main charger, which can charge 2-6s batteries, to safely charge multiple 1s batteries in series? (assuming all of the batteries are the same capacity) How would I go about ...
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How do I re-charge the batteries of my S49 drone faster when outside?

I have a small S49 quadcopter. After around 10-15 minutes, it often runs out of charge and needs recharging. My charger requires it to be plugged into a portable USB charger or to the mains. I have ...
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How long can a LiPo pack be kept fully discharged before storage charging?

There is a reason LiPo packs are recommended to be stored at a storage charge. It is commonly known that storing a battery fully charged reduces its capacity and performance. What about storing ...
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How can I safely parallel charge my LiPo batteries?

I have multiple LiPo batteries that I want to charge up so I can get out flying as fast as (safely) possible. With my existing LiPo charger, how can I parallel charge multiple batteries at once?
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