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A fuel-powered component of drones or model aircraft which creates rotational force. For questions about electric propulsion, use 'motor'.

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Nitro to Electric Conversion

Attempting to convert a ThunderTiger Ready MkIII nitro to electric. Manufacturer recommended engines are: Thunder Tiger Aircraft Engine GP-42: 1.10 BHP @ 14,000 RPM, 357.2 g / 12.60 oz., 6.90 c.c. / ....
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What electric starter(s) are compatible with the RCGF 120cc engine?

I plan on flying the RCGF 120cc engine, however, I noticed the owner's manual does not recommend any sort of electric starter and I have been having trouble finding one compatible with it.
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What is an Ultimate Air Trap (UAT)?

I am confused about what an Ultimate Air Trap is. I understand somewhat that its task is to remove the air bubbles in the fuel feed to an engine. But how does it work? How is it different from a ...
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Can nitro engine run on gasoline (RON95)?

I am planning to buy this nitro engine. However, the fuel (nitromethane) is very expensive. I can only use gasoline (RON 95). Can I run this engine on gasoline to produce the same amount of max power? ...
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How to calculate frictional losses in convergent nozzles and convergent-divergent nozzles?

I have searched up a lot of articles and papers relating the subject but not satisfied with the results. Most of them are showing the losses in pipes which I already know from Darcy-Wiesbach equations ...
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What sort of fuel do model jet plane engines take?

I've seen several gas powered model jet airplanes at air shows. Do these smaller engines take the same type of fuel as their full-size counterparts, or do they just use 2-cycle gas like their ...
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