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Use with questions about the interaction of air with and around parts of an unmanned aircraft.

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Declare DATCOM parameters for a specific UAV Heron

"I'm currently attempting to use DATCOM to create the configuration for the UAV Heron. However, I'm encountering difficulties with its tail. Could you please provide assistance?" I read &...
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Effective Area estimation for drag calculation in coaxial quadrotor

I have a coaxial quadrotor with a propellor size of 34 inches & i want to calculate effective rotor area for drag calculation.what will be the area whether it is summation of both upper & ...
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How much torque do I need for the servomotor which turns my canard?

I don't know that my question is belong to here or physics community. I desire to make a supersonic micro-jet model plane also powered by model rocket engine to reaches less than Mach 3 and it has a ...
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How to account for propeller (fixed pitch) in model aircraft performance calculations?

I'm working on performance calculations for a plane I'm building. By setting the sum of my drag formulas (one for the wing, one for the fuselage, both with predicted drag coefficients) equal to the ...
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Are there any formulas for acceleration to max speed time/distance

I'm working on optimization code for a RC Plane competition. I'm trying to figure out both the distance and the time between when the plane takes off and when it reaches max speed. I already have ...
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Using BMP280 as an altimeter for CanSat

Situation: Me and my student team want to use a BMP280 air pressure sensor connected to an Arduino Nano to measure the altitude of a CanSat. A CanSat is a coca cola can-shaped and can-sized aerial ...
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How to calculate frictional losses in convergent nozzles and convergent-divergent nozzles?

I have searched up a lot of articles and papers relating the subject but not satisfied with the results. Most of them are showing the losses in pipes which I already know from Darcy-Wiesbach equations ...
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How to couple panel method velocities with boundary layer equations to obtain viscous pressure and lift coefficient?

I have calculated CP(pressure coefficient) and CL(Lift coefficient) for a NACA2412 airfoil using the panel method but as it only allows us to calculate the same for inviscid flow, I could not get the ...
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Question about Mars Ingenuity helicopter's wide-chord blades

I marveled at the two flight videos today on YouTube by Perseverance helicopter flights during Ingenuity mission. Got me thinking. Why aren’t the helicopter blades wider? I would like to think that in ...
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How do aerodynamics for small model aircraft differ from that of larger aircraft?

I am reading an aerodynamics textbook (Introduction to Aerodynamics by Anderson). I am still in the chapters that deal with subsonic aerodynamics, which seems to have a focus on life-sized manned ...
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Do aerodynamics scale for model aircraft?

If I wanted to make a scale model plane that looked like a real aircraft, could I just scale down all of the measurements of the actual aircraft to make a model aircraft with similar flight ...
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How do thrust requirements change as a multirotor leaves ground effect?

Assuming either a quadcopter or a hexacopter, is there any published data on how much more energy is expended to escape the ground effect? Is it a function of the thrust being produced to lift the ...
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How do I calculate thrust for a quadrocopter?

I am designing a quadrocopter style aircraft that uses a 20 inch propeller 1.625 inches in width and has a pitch of 8 inches. How do I calculate static lift / thrust and the dynamic thrust / lift ...
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How to determine the correct specification of servo for a control surface

Servos come in a large range of sizes, torque values, etc. and the servo to use depends on a number of factors such as control surface size, aircraft speed and desired manoeuvrability. While there is ...
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What is the typical glide ratio of Kline-Fogleman airfoils?

Kline-Fogleman (KFm) airfoils, despite their seeming contradiction with known principles of aerodynamics, seem to be very popular in RC modelling, and are known to have a peculiar stall behavior, with ...
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What is the most thrust dense copter configuration?

I need to make a compact drone that does not need to be fast, nor very power efficient*. I wanted to know what is the most mass I can lift with the smallest footprint**. To make this question more ...
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