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Why do most drones have upward facing motors?
17 votes

Expanding on @Kralc's answer: Here's a study (unfortunately behind a paywall) that I'm going to copy key parts of below: The hexacopter was mounted on a load cell test stand, and data were collected ...

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Can Reinforcement Learning be used for UAV waypoint control?
3 votes

Reinforcement Learning can be used for UAV control. This video details a method to use RL for quadcopters. In summary, you program a model of your UAV that effectively simulates your drone. You then ...

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How does having bent antenna impact reception?
2 votes

Antennas are weird and the answer isn't really clear cut. As long as the wire within the antenna isn't damaged, it should work fine (1, 2). Sometimes bends in antenna can improve it, like with NASA'...

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Do aerodynamics scale for model aircraft?
8 votes

Elaborating on @Robin's answer with the full effects of the cube-square law. If we were to construct a model aircraft at half the length of a full aircraft, the model would: Have half of the ...

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Keep quadcopter steady when taking a video
Accepted answer
3 votes

I'm going to assume that you don't need your videos to be stabilised realtime. In this case you need image stabilisation software. I'm not an expert in this field particularly, so I'll copy the most ...

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