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what HD cameras should be used and for what purpose?

I don't know about all the cameras, but here is my opinion. If you want the best video quality you can get today and not be too heavy for a 5" FPV drone, then you want the GoPro Hero 8. That will ...
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How to record footage from AcroBee Lite?

I just scanned the manual for "record" and nothing. I looked at the build and I see no indication of recording capability. There are 3 options (unless there is more information): Record on ...'s user avatar
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How to control a gimbal remotely?

The easiest way would be to use the sliders or the rotary knobs on a reasonably advanced transmitter - although it might not feel natural and the pilot would be busy flying. Alternately you could plug ...
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How to control a gimbal remotely?

It all depends on what Flight Controller you are using and how you want to control the gimbal. Gimbals in your links use Storm32 firmware which is very versatile. It can be contolled using knobs on ...
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How to Simultaneously View and Record GoPro Content While Flying

I don't have any experience with that API, but I read through the documentation so I will try to give the best answer I can based on this and the comments below the original question. I would ...
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Video being indexed on SD card, but no duration time and no actual video recorded

Given that the drone camera is a cheap model from China, I think it's entirely possible that the camera modules is broken and could be outputting incorrectly terminated ...
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