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Are there specific laws or regulations in the USA barring weapons on drones?

I’m not a legal expert, but according to the following link to an FAA page, it is illegal to attach any dangerous weapon to a drone:
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Is the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) an appropriate association for those interested in building RC aircraft?

As for EAA - No. They seem to be politically on the good side of drone (anti-RID / Docket ID FAA-2019-1100). They do not mention any CBO (community based organization) direction searching the site. ...'s user avatar
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DJI FPV Goggles Max Power option not available. Location: USA

You won't know if the "hack" has worked until you also have a Vista or Air unit bound to the goggles. As a quick test, I powered up my goggles and left everything else off. If I go to where you can ...
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Where can I see restricted areas for flying?

The DJI fly safe map only shows those areas that are block by DJI Go or DJI Go4. These areas are not the same as FAA airspace designations. For the definitive answer on where you can legally fly in ...
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Where can I see restricted areas for flying?

This is a good reference from DJI people... Miami-Florida looks like this:
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In the United States, what are the legal distinctions between a rocket powered RC plane, an actively stabilized model rocket, and a drone?

Hmm. I don't recall specifics (been out of rocketry for about 12 years, since shortly after I got into flying electric R/C planes), but I do recall that rocket planes, boost gliders, etc. all have to ...
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