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I can't speak for your specific drone, but I have experience with electronics and cold weather. I would definitely store the batteries in the warm, and check the manufacturer's guidelines for the correct storage voltage (for a LiPo I think this is about 30% to 40% charge, or 3.85 volts per cell) It also doesn't hurt to store them in a fireproof container ...


This question seems to be quite the debate in many places. However, the general consensus falls between 3.7 and 3.85v per cell. You can find a similar inquiry here: Storing at 3.7 or 3.85v and here: LiPo storage voltage It seems that generally, the difference between storage charging to 3.7v, 3.8v, or 3.85v is negligible for most people. However, I would ...


Storing drones during the winter Should be of little trouble for you. I would recommend that whether you store them say in a garage of in your home, the place of storage be dry and not humid and somewhat warmer than freezing. Batteries should be stored in a somewhat warm environment which again should not be humid, in order to avoid any thaw/freeze cycles ...


The electronics will be fine if they are dry, and liPos should be able to be stored below freezing. It is, however, important to let them warm up before charging or using them to get the full performance.

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