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Hover stability: PX4 vs. DJI Mavic Mini

A barometer and GPS are fairly low resolution (and noisy) methods for determining height and position respectively. As you've observed. There are two other common methods for measuring height above ...
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Connecting 4 in 1 esc with power module

I think yes, this is doable. In this diagram you can replace the ESC Motor 1 with your 4 in 1 iflight ESC. Note that you will probably need to redirect the PWM outputs to your 4 in 1 ESC signal inputs....
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Affordable ways to crimp your own connectors

I crimp my JST connectors using needle-nose pliers. It’s probably not be best way to do it, but it’s cheap and works well for me. Place the wire with the stripped end in the metal connector piece. ...
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Turn off beeping of ESC if idle for some time

The inactivity beep is a feature of the ESC software, so you have to change that behavior in BLHeliSuite (or another compatible program, depending on your exact firmware variant). The setting you want ...
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IMU Redundancy from different IMU models

In some cases, this may be a form of "dissimilar redundancy." By using different models of IMU, if one has a fault or bug in the design/software the other should remain unaffected. Sometimes ...
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IMU Redundancy from different IMU models

As far as I can see from the datasheets, the 20649 supports 4 - 30 g and the second one supports 2 - 16 g. So it may be just a way to have a wider range of measurement.
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Pixhawk 4 vs Hex Cube Orange on Auterion platform

Without doing some deep research it would appear that the Hex Cube Orange is compatible with Auterion. It may require compilation for the target. But uses the PX4 kernel. The Hex Cube has been around ...
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Affordable ways to crimp your own connectors

This is probably not the answer you're looking for, but it's an approach to the problem nonetheless. I prefer to avoid crimping connectors entirely. In part it's because it's a fiddly process even ...
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