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What does Feed Forward do and how does it work?

The way the PID controller works is whenever the actual rate of rotation of the quadcopter does not equal the setpoint, or desired rate of rotation (which you set by moving the sticks), it sends a ...
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What does Feed Forward do and how does it work?

30,000 foot view of feedforward as a general concept Feedforward: I hand you a closed box and you anticipate that it will be heavy, bracing yourself in preparation. Your control of the box is rapid ...
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How to tune a Deadcat Quadcopter with 10 inch props and asymmetrical mass distribution along the roll axis with a low power to weight ratio?

The discovery frame uses the old DJI plastic arms and the arms are not very stiff. So you get a lot of flex in the arms. This leads to two major problems: vibrations and the quad has a relative long ...
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Drone Controller, PID Is Enough, or ODE Modeling Required?

You can certainly use a PID based design and tune it from there. This design is simple enough that if you just have XYZ PID controllers and proper output mixing it should work just fine. I'd recommend ...
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How to visually inspect the magnitude of PID gains?

This comes with an understanding of how the PID algorithm works and what it actually does. Bardwell videos can be good, but non-quadcopter reference on what a PID controller is will be the best way to ...
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What does Feed Forward do and how does it work?

I'm far from an expert on this subject... but there's a good article here on Github which I find explains it well. Basically feedforward is a factor which increases how responsive the stick is - ...
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Which setup for tilting rotor quadcopter?

Sorry friend, going to shoot you down. build a quadcopter with rotors that can tilt to increase the drone's flexibility. The Stingray 500 is an amazing piece of tech. It is a rotorcraft (heli). So ...'s user avatar
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