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For questions relating to the tuning of PID controllers, which are commonly used to stabilize and control model aircraft and multi-copters.

Use this tag for questions relating to the tuning of PID Controllers when these are used to control model aircraft and multi-copters.

Tuning the control loop involves the adjustment of its control parameters. For a PID controller those parameters are:

  • the proportional band/gain
  • the integral gain/reset
  • the derivative gain/rate

These parameters should ideally be set to the optimum values for the desired control response. However, aspects of the desired controller performance will often require conflicting controller parameters. As a result, tuning most PID controllers involves a compromise.

Stability, where the controller should not permit unbounded oscillation, is almost always a basic requirement. Beyond that, different systems exhibit different behaviors, and different applications will have different requirements. The controller used for a racing drone should normally be tuned for different characteristics than a controller used for aerial photography.