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Can I configure Betaflight in the field without using a laptop?

Yes, you actually can! There are a couple of options for the Betaflight firmware which are mostly plug and play. OpenTX Lua Scripts Radios running OpenTX can use scripts written in Lua to control ...
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How to PID tune a 10" drone?

Disclaimer: I don't know anything of the following for sure, so be careful. Be very, very careful. The PID controller itself does not care whether it's a 5 or 10-inch quad. The PID gains, though, do ...
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Can I configure Betaflight in the field without using a laptop?

OpenTX LUA Scripts Also available if you have an OpenTX radio and a smartport telemetry capable receiver are the Betaflight LUA script available from
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How do you use the PID controller to compensate for a higher weight?

I'm afraid there is no simple answer to this question. Adding weight to the quad will change the way it responds so in theory you would need to redo the tune from scratch. That being said, there are ...
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Tuning sharp turn prop wash

I think prop wash is not entirely eliminable by tuning. If you have really good gear and tune you may be able to reduce it even further, but it will be there. When you are doing sharp turns, you are ...
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How to tune a Deadcat Quadcopter with 10 inch props and asymmetrical mass distribution along the roll axis with a low power to weight ratio?

The discovery frame uses the old DJI plastic arms and the arms are not very stiff. So you get a lot of flex in the arms. This leads to two major problems: vibrations and the quad has a relative long ...
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