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Difference between iFlight XING-E and XING motors?

The Xing and Xing-E motors have two primary differences, materials used in the bell construction, and the magnets used. The bell is a lower stength 6061 aluminum alloy than what they claim for the ...
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Connecting 4 in 1 esc with power module

I think yes, this is doable. In this diagram you can replace the ESC Motor 1 with your 4 in 1 iflight ESC. Note that you will probably need to redirect the PWM outputs to your 4 in 1 ESC signal inputs....
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Can I use BAT and GND pads for wiring BetaFPV SMO4K?

Short answer Yes, go ahead. That pad is connected to VBAT and will provide power to the camera. Do not exceed 6S however that's irrelevant since none of the other components are rated above 6S. Long ...
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