Yes, on both counts! That is an S-video (aka. Mini-DIN-4) connector, and you can use it to make a buddy box cable. The port carries a 4-channel CPPM signal that can be used by cheap USB adapters as a joystick HID input to your computer or for buddy box mode, which FlySky calls "Trainer mode". I've made one for my own use, following the ...


According to this thread, the answer is that the DJI FPV system doesn’t natively support BuddyBox. However, they do mention that you may be able to use an R-XSR, and feed the SBUS output of the Air Unit into the SBUS in pad to use it as a backup receiver.


I’ve done some digging to try to find you an answer. As far as I can tell, the trainer port on the back is only for use in a simulator as evidenced in links: 1, 2, 3. According the links 4, 5, there is no known way to get buddy-box functionality without modification. You could also install your own receiver and use a transmitter system that is compatible ...

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