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(Also "UAV".) Any aircraft that is piloted remotely or by computers and does not carry people.

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Would it be possible to perform a manual flip with my camera drone?

I have a Snaptain SP510 camera drone. I haven't flown in a while, but I'm interested in getting back to it. After seeing some videos, I began to wonder if I'd be able to perform a manual flip. I know ...
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Tail sizing for small aircraft [Drones]

hope you all are having a lovely day. I am a novice designing a 3D printed, fixed wing drone as a personal project. The mission objective is maximum endurance (and a decent range too). It has a MTOW ...
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Can the CV code shown in this video can be used for fixed wing plane? This is video mentioned. Its a DIY object tracking uav. Here used is a quadcopter can it be used for fixed wing plane. In this case it is quadcopter. Code only command the ...
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Is there a minimum altitude at which FAA drone rules apply?

I know the rules for maximum altitude for a drone is 400ft (in general) but is there a minimum height at which the rules are applied? For example is a drone flying 12 inches off the ground subject to ...
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2 answers

Does the tiny helicopter drone black hornet use a swash plate?

I've been looking over some pictures of the drone above but I'm not sure if it uses a swash plate or not. I understand there are some freely hinged rotor concepts known to work at this scale but I'm ...
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Is there a UAV that can carry 100kg at 350km/hr?

I've been searching for a Fixed Wing UAV or UAS that can do this: Carry payload up to 100kg Cruise at 350km/hr Anyone know any that can do this?
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2 answers

UAV classification

Is there a classification for UAVs? And based on the specs below, what type of UAV can that be classed as please? ...
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Quadrotor sizing

I am trying to make a quadrotor UAV (with inverted props) which has 4 circular/semi-circular attachments to help it glide for a longer distance. I have a constraint on the mass, but I don't have any ...
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Can drones/uav's fly over international waters without FAA's regulations?

Can UAV's or drones (consumer/commercial scale) operate over international waters (12 miles out from the shore) without being regulated by the FAA? Just wondering if companies can do things like ...
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