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A device used to turn an input into a signal that is then sent to a receiver.

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Can circularly and linearly polarized antennae be used together for FPV?

I have a few spare antennae of mixed polarizations I'd like to be able to reuse for my FPV gear. Is there anything I need to know about incompatible configurations of mismatched polarizations ...
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How do I set up LUA scripts on my OpenTX radio?

I’m looking at how to use LUA scripts and was wondering how to configure them I am OpenTX radio. Thanks. More info: at present, I don’t want to write my own scripts, only run scripts that I can find ...
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Why is 5.8ghz used for FPV and 2.4ghz use for transmitters?

Why do most VTXs use 5.8ghz and most transmitters use 2.4ghz?
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