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Drones location Beacons over 2.4GHz, flight ID regulation

Two Questions: First one: Does the general use drones (like DJI products) are mandatory regulated to transmit its location & control's location or Drone ID as beacon over Wi-Fi, BLE or SDR link? ...
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Trying t connect Zorro 4 in 1 to chinese drone

I bought a radiomaster Zorro 4 in 1, but when I try to select the Internal RX i only have few options: Config BayanRX DSM DSM_RX FS2A_RX FrSkyRX FrSky X FrSkyX2 HoTT I bought the 4 in 1 because I ...
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Aside from the question of cost, is there any other reason why the cellular network is not used for drones (apart rare exceptions)?

Nowadays cellular networks offer very fast connection and have very high coverage of the territory and in most countries areas out of coverage are uncommon. So, I would assume a drone that use ...
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How does Herelink achieve 20km range with 1080P video streaming quality?

According to the HereLink manual. It uses 2.4ghz frequency for wireless communication and claims video streaming in 1080p up to 20km range. How is this possible? If it can transmit up to 20km then it ...
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multi-protocol transmitters -- difference between stm32 4-in-1 and stm32 c2500 only ? [tx16s Vs. tx12]

Searching on the radio controllers radiomaster TX16s and TX12, I found that video that warns me that Tx16s has an internal stm32 4-in-1 ...
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Binding DX5e (or any other hobby controller) to generic "toy" drone - protocol compatability

I picked up a really cheap generic drone mostly for the purpose of tinkering and testing with something that I wouldn't mind losing or destroying. However I can't seem to bind to it with any of my ...
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