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A small drone, usually under 80 grams, which has ducted fans.

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How do I tell when to replace the motors on my tinywhoop?

I own a brushed micro quadcopter, more commonly known as a tiny whoop. I've read that brushed motors in general, and especially those used in such quadcopters, have a limited lifetime and that you ...
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Does the Meteor65 Acro support Spektrum RSSI?

I have a BetaFPV Meteor65 Acro with a built-in DSMX receiver. I'm wondering if the F4 1S Brushless Flight Controller V2.2 (DSMX) supports RSSI. I've seen DVR of people flying and they have an RSSI ...
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How do I successfully stabilize or trim a TinyWhoop Nano?

I'm a newbie to drone flying and decided to start with a TinyWhoop Nano RTF. I know just enough about model aircraft controllers from using them in robotics and animatronics that fine-tuning is ...
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Why are micro pusher-prop quadcopters becoming more popular?

Recently, I've seen a rise in popularity of small drones using pusher props. Some of these include the FullSpeed TinyPusher, BetaFPV Beta95X/Beta85X V2, Diatone Taycan and Tinawhoop, and originally ...
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Can you charge 1s and 2s batteries at the same time with the tinyhawk 2 included charger?

I just got a Tinyhawk 2. It came with 2 batteries (2s and 1s) and a battery charger that you plug in to USB. I know that you can't parallel charge batteries with different cell count, but it looks ...
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