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flashing ACCST v2 to ACCST v1

I have this little transmitter which only supports Frsky ACCST v1. All receiver I see are supporting ACCST v2. Now I red that you have to use the same version on both devices. From the point that I ...
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Connecting a RS232 sensor to the Pixhawk

I have an airspeed sensor that outputs a RS232 signal. This is the sensor: I want to connect this sensor to the Pixhawk in order to use the data for ...
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ESC wiring to FC for wing - 2 or 3 pins?

I'm new to the wing builds and I'm a bit confused. I ordered the kit for the AR Wing Pro, which includes BLDC motor and ESC. The ESC comes with the mandatory 2 power lines and 3 thick lines for the ...
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How to add custom betaflight code to obtain data from I2C device and pass to OSD?

I successfully obtained data from my I2C device in Arduino: ...
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Is it possible to attach I2C and USB based sensors to the flight controller and receive some outputs via telemetry?

Readily available flight controllers have pins/pads available usually for UART ports where you can attach various modules like ESC, RX, VTX, OSD etc. I wanted to know if it is similarly possible to ...
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Ftd driver for 3dr telemetry radio

I have been attempting to connect my pixhawk 4 to qgroundcontrol using an old 3DR telemetry radio set. The connection works fine over usb, but qgroundcontrol shows disconnected when I plug in both ...
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Drone with SDR for HF antenna field strength measurements, I need a Raspberry Pi based drone kit that I can just buy

I have very little time until I get to the USA to buy the material to put together a drone which I want to use to measure antenna gain patterns for HF radio. Example, a 20m band half-wavelength dipole ...
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Connect mavlink (on RPi) with QGroundControl

I am trying to connect Mavlink (installed on RPi) with QGroundControl via 3DR Radio Telemetry as to transmit telemetry data from RPi without dependency of Ardupilot/Px4 flightcontrollers. I want to ...
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