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Questions tagged [team-blacksheep]

Use in reference to Team Blacksheep, makers of high-end RC electronics

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ELRS: Is it possible to save the last position of the sticks after signal loss?

I have previously used TBS Crossfire. Using the TBS Agent, you can configure failsafe mode - Fs. Pos, in which, in case of signal loss, the last position of the sticks will be saved. Is it possible to ...
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5 votes
1 answer

TBS My VTX setting

There is a setting on the full-size CrossFire unit. What does "My VTX" do? What really happens when it's on vs off. Does it affect my VTX if I'm using smart audio vs VTX to the transmitter?
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8 votes
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Crossfire, Unify VTX settings are being overwritten

I have a crossfire nano hooked up properly to a unify pro32 HV. Everything works as expected and perfectly except when I use the Crossfire Lite OSD to change the VTX settings. When I change the ...
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