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How to set up Spektrum wireless buddy-box in Pilot Link mode?

Spektrum's wireless buddy-box trainer is very nice, but how do you set it to use Pilot Link (where only the stick positions are read from the student)? On the instructor's DX8, we set it to 'Pilot ...
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Can't disable SAFE or change SAFE mode

I was gifted one of these (with souped-up motor and ESC) and was delighted when I discovered it could be bound to my Spektrum DXS transmitter. However, the receiver is stuck in beginner mode. I've ...
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Installing Spektrum receiver onto AtomRC Dodo

I'm a noob who just received an Atomrc dodo, and I have a Spektrum SPM4650 receiver I need to install. The wiring diagram (below) is clear enough, but I'm new to soldering and would prefer to avoid ...
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DSM from Spektrum Reciever

I am working with a Pixhawk 4 and a Spektrum AR620 receiver. The receiver has a 3x7 grid of pins labelled (-, +, S), and (Batt, 1-6). The reciever says it is a DSM2/DSMX receiver, and I want to ...
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What's the difference between the Spektrum DX6 and DX6e?

Besides 90 bucks :-) Looking through the specifications, they're both DSM2/DSMX radios with more model memories than you can use, 6 channels, wireless trainer, telemetry, 7 aircraft wing mixing types ...
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