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Questions about software that runs on a computer or mobile device. For microcontroller code, use [firmware].

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How can I see the coordinates of my vanilla DJI Mavic while flying?

What is the best way to get an older software version DJI Mavic to display GPS coordinates using the iPad? What about a new one? Is there a difference? If I can use something like Litchi to fly the ...
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Android Black-Box Viewer (Betaflight)

I'm using Speedy Bee (an Android betaflight configurator) a lot on the field for changing settings and tuning. I use a USB-OTG-Cable for my Android phone to connect to the FC. But I do miss an ...
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Mavic Air Given Up The Ghost?

I have a Mavic Air - Not a Mavic Air 2! It has now decided that the software cannot link to the RC or Drone - what has happend and how do I fix it?
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BS 220 GPS NMEA - UBLOX using U-center

I have a quad with an omnibus f4 v3 flight controller an FS-ia6b receiver. I also have a bs 220 gps wired in correctly to the flight controller however it is outputting NMEA and this has many errors. ...
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