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QGIS KML to DJI Pilot 2 for Flight Route

I am unable to import KML polygon layers I generated in QGIS in DJI Pilot 2 on my DJI remote. I get the following error: ...
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iOS DJI Pilot App no option to connect to device

I just got a DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise Multispectral (M3M) for work and am learning how to use it. I download all of the DJI apps on the iPhone App Store, and the only one compatible with my drone ...
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How to do Smart Tracking on Mavic 3 Enterprise?

I just got a DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise Multispectral (M3M) for work and am learning how to use it. The hardware itself is great, but I’m having lots of troubles with the DJI Pilot 2 app on the Enterprise ...
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How to plan Mavic Mini flight using ios/android app?

I want to create plan (automate) for my Mavic Mini (1) drone using phone app. I want to move my drone in both x and y axis. So, it should gain some height, then move ahead and then again getting low ...
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Will connecting my Mavic Pro to a an iPad Litchi app try to update my Mavic Pro firmware?

I have an iPad that I keep offline and use the DJI Go app with. If I install Litchi, return the iPad to offline mode and connect it to my Mavic Pro will it try to update my Mavic Pro firmware? Is ...
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DJI Go Android App Flight Simulator

So I have two DJI platforms, and have had them for about 6 months now. I keep seeing these references all over the Internet and YouTube about how handy it is to have the DJI simulator built into the ...
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What mission planner should I be using for INav?

I'm new to the quadcopter community and am looking to plan my first mission for my drone. As far as I can tell, the recommended mission planner is an Android app? I am hoping there is a good ...
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Would I be able to program a smartphone app to control a smartphone-controlled drone?

I want to buy my first drone, I have no prior experience. I'm interesting in getting a cheap drone with a camera that can be controlled from a smartphone app. Something like the Tello Ryze would be at ...
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Android Black-Box Viewer (Betaflight)

I'm using Speedy Bee (an Android betaflight configurator) a lot on the field for changing settings and tuning. I use a USB-OTG-Cable for my Android phone to connect to the FC. But I do miss an ...
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Is there a way to override the distance limit on a DJI Mavic Mini without a mobile phone app?

I recently bought a DJI Mavic Mini. It seems to me, that DJI wants me to fly it with a mobile app, but I currently don't have access to a mobile phone (extremely weak battery only). It looks like I ...
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