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Questions tagged [sensor]

For questions about drone sensors, sensor uses and any issues encountered with using specific sensors

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What is the frame system defined for Orientations comptutation using Quaternions [Madgwick filter/ Mahony filter]?

I am working with MPU9250 and I have implemented attitude & heading reference system based on Madgwick/Mahony filter. I capture the raw data [accel, gyro, mag] and pass to the Madgwick filter in ...
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How to implement sensor fusion with IMU and GPS

I have a 9-axis IMU (MPU9250) and a GPS module and I'm considering using other sensors later,...
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Using MPL3115A2 to get relative altitude of a drone

I am using MPL3115A2 Altimeter to get the accurate relative altitude of my drone. I am getting an error of 30-60 cm without even moving the sensor. I have used several averaging and filtering methods ...
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DJI Mini 3 Pro EXIF azimuth is ~11 degrees west of true north

I have a Mini 3 Pro and a number of Python scripts that will map image locations from drone images. This all happens using the on-board GNSS unit and the values written to the the image EXIF data. On ...
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Why is my drone oscillating on position hold after I move it a few meters?

I have built a 5 inch quadcopter using inav 5, mateksys f722, and M8q-5883 gps. When I enable position hold with gps, the drone is relatively stable, but when I move it a few meters forward, it will ...
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How to add custom betaflight code to obtain data from I2C device and pass to OSD?

I successfully obtained data from my I2C device in Arduino: ...
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