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Mathematical Model of Drones

I have recently decided to take up a small project at my University involving ML techniques and UAVs. TO get started, I have been looking for mathematical model of UAVs, but a lot of places offer a ...
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Contra-rotating coaxial shrouded fans: design guidelines

I want to design and make my own Dronut-like drone. The size will be limited by my LCD printer. My goals are: quiet. 2) safe. 3) duration. I'd like to use a pair of HBR turbofan style fans to ...
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What is the difference between Mission Computer and Flight controller? Why can't the Mission computer and Fight controller be on same processing board

I am exploring various on-board processors. I observed in most cases, the mission processor and flight controller processor are different and are integrated as and when required. I was wondering what ...
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Sourcing Parts for an Air:Bit Micro:Bit Drone

I am interested in the makekit air:bit drone as a first build, since I have a small 3d printer and already own 2 micro:bits. I am sourcing parts and noticed it has a custom controller board by makekit ...
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Does anyone have a manual for this radio?

I ordered this JJRC JJPRO EM-16 2.4GHz 6CH AFHDS 2A Mode 2 RC Transmitter with Receiver Support P175 for RC Drone from banggood, and now I'm trying to figure out what the default settings are and how ...
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Where can I find a list of all the model aircraft flying fields in the USA?

Is there a comprehensive list of model flying fields that have operated or have been developed in the United States? I assume the AMA has some of this data, but I am curious if there is a larger list ...
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Books for learning how to build fixed-wing RC planes?

What are some books or reading resources I can use to learn how to build my own fixed-wing RC aircraft? Many years ago, I used to work on a fixed-wing RC aircraft, but only as a programmer for some of ...
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How can I build a drone similar to a DJI Mavic 2?

I want to build a drone with the same functionality as a DJI's Mavic 2. Are there any books/videos/guides available? What would be involved? I need a flying machine that: has a good enough camera ...
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How do you figure out which motors to use for your UAV?

There are a ton of electric motors on the market. Is there a mathematical formula or some other means of figuring out which size of motor you will need for your airplane, helicopter, or drone?
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