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Remote controll via Mavlink with iNAV 3.0?

I'm not that familiar with Mavlink, but try to find a way to controll my FC Omnibus F4 nano v5 via a serial connection to a RPI (which is itself connect to a wifi). Using mavproxy, I'm able to ...
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How to power a Companion Computer using the Holybro Pixhawk 4 Power Module (PM07)?

As the title says, I would like to power a companion computer (Raspberry Pi 3B in my case) using the PM07 Power Distribution Module: Power Module The Raspberry Pi should be powered via USB cable. ...
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Brushless Motor not spinning when controlling with Raspberry Pi, PWM and ESC

I'm currently working on a drone which is controlled by a Raspberry Pi. I try to control the motors by using PWM on the connected ESCs, which is described in many guides and forums. For that I use the ...
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How to connect Matek H743 FC to Raspberry Pi 4

I am using INAV firmware with Matek H743 FC. I want to connect FC to Raspberry Pi and read data from lidar/optical flow and GPS sensors. Culd you please provide me with documentation ? I dont know ...
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How to use odometry provided by external Raspberry Pi device on Matek F405-WMN with Ardupilot?

I build device based on raspberry pi that calculates odometry for navigation without GPS. Now I want to test it in real conditions on drone. How can I do it in Ardupilot? RPi calculates current ...
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Looking for a drone with Microcontroller

I am looking for a drone with a microcontroller, that I can access (preferably Raspberry PI). In my research, I found plenty of drones with an API (for example DJI Tello), but I could not find one, ...
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should I buy this drone?

I am a beginner and wanted to buy myself a little drone kit to learn to program it. I was thinking about a raspberry pi 4b and pixhawk drone, but I don't know what to buy. I saw this thing on amazon, ...
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can I use PiSBUS with python

is it possible to use PiSBUS library with python? I know you can use it programming with Arduino IDE or something similar, but is it possible to use it with a Raspberry Pi and python? Link to the ...
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Raspberry Pi 4 between flight controller and receiver

I have TBS Crossfire Micro TX, Nano RX and Raspberry Pi 4, I haven't bought a flight controller yet because I have a problem: Until the drone receives a special command from the transmitter - I ...
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