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Which Drones are most popular for speed, durability , long battery life? [closed]

Also I’m having trouble finding good drones tha can do flips and have good quality of winds resistance and durability, which drone will be worth my time and money ; I have had Dij mavic loved it! But ...
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Visual references when driving a Quad Copter through gates

I am a complete beginner, starting to learn to fly. So far I managed to control the altitude and do some basic turns, I can also do figure eights if the flags are well far from each other. I realised ...
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My ESC in my stack just randomly exploded, any ideas why?

I was casually flying my drone and my ESC board in my stack let out the magic smoke, and then fell from the sky randomly. I hadn't changed any tuning settings, and the stack was only ~3 weeks old. I ...
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Reasonably priced FPV Drone for beginner

I'm looking for the best, reasonably priced FPV racing drone to start with. I would use a local shop but sadly there are none in a good distance from where I live. I have looked around quite a bit and ...
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Is it a good practice to use a throttle limit of 90% for racing builds?

I had read somewhere that it's a good idea to set a throttle limit of 90% for racing. The reason given was that, in the last 10% of the throttle, the cost/benefit ratio for power to thrust would not ...
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What should I look for when buying FPV goggles?

What features should I look for when I’m buying a new set of FPV goggles?
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What is the advantage of a stretched-X frame over a true-X or squished-X design for racing?

Most racing frames on the market appear to be stretched-X (longer than they are wide). I have heard the argument that a stretched-X allows better airflow to the rear props due to physical distance, ...
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In drone racing with multirotors, how does one navigate the course?

Whenever we watch drone racing, there is usually a course marked out in cones. However, when there is an obstacle such as a Jacob’s Ladder, the racers know the order to go through each of the gaps. ...
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What is the established drone racing etiquette?

As I understand it, at drone races there are lots of rules to follow pre and post flight, an obvious one that jumps to mind is to shout ‘plugging in’ before plugging in. What other rules and best ...
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