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DJI spreading wings 900 propeller size

I need to know the size (length and chord) of the UAV spreading wings s900 propeller. It should be 1552/1552R and the only info I was able to find was this size: 15×5.2inch (see here). I found that ...
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How to couple panel method velocities with boundary layer equations to obtain viscous pressure and lift coefficient?

I have calculated CP(pressure coefficient) and CL(Lift coefficient) for a NACA2412 airfoil using the panel method but as it only allows us to calculate the same for inviscid flow, I could not get the ...
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Compact Gimbaling propeller

does anyone know how would you create a compact gimbaling propeller, like how a rocket engine gimbals. Similar to that! Thank you for the help!!!
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Help with finding a motor to rotate the plane of a propeller

I don't really know if this is related to this community but it's for a drone so it's worth a shot. I'm looking for some sort of motorized hinge or a motor that can move a propeller on the Y-Axis, a ...
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Picking the right prop pitch for my plane

Sorry for all the questions, but I'm trying to figure out what I need before ordering a hundred dollars worth of stuff and then find out I got the wrong stuff. So from what I understand of this site, ...
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2 answers

How to measure the pitch of a propeller?

I have some random drone propellers which I don't have any information on. I looking to find a way to measure the pitch of the propellers to figure out if they will be well suited to a 5-inch drone I ...
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