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Questions about or related to PID controllers, which are commonly used to stabilize and control model aircraft and multicopters.

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Which setup for tilting rotor quadcopter?

I'd like to build a quadcopter with rotors that can tilt to increase the drone's flexibility. So far, I have only used a KK 2.1 board as a flight controller which doesn't really have this capability ...
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How to tune a Deadcat Quadcopter with 10 inch props and asymmetrical mass distribution along the roll axis with a low power to weight ratio?

I have a quadcopter with TBS discovery frame and 10inch props running on 810Kv motors on 3S. The quadcopter has an asymmetrical mass distribution since the heavy battery pack at the back causes the ...
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7 votes
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Drone Controller, PID Is Enough, or ODE Modeling Required?

I am planning to build a remote controlled dualcopter where I have two propellers, one on top and one on the bottom. The bottom rotor will be gimbal based for thrust vectoring. Something like this, ...
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How to visually inspect the magnitude of PID gains?

The defaults in Betaflight generally work very well, but I own and fly very different quads ranging from 2" to 6". It may easily be that there is room for little adjustments I can make with the tuning ...
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What does Feed Forward do and how does it work?

PID tuning involves P, I and D gains to help the quad follow RC commands. Whenever there is an error, P would "push" the quad to reduce the error. So how does Feed Forward come to play?
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