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For questions regarding On-Screen Displays, usually for FPV setups.

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(Beginner) I have a Radiolink Mini OSD with a not so clear schematic. How do I know if it can handle the input voltage needed to power my VTX?

My VTX and FPV camera can both handle my battery voltage (6V-36V input for the VTX and 4V-25V input for the camera). My mini OSD, unfortunately, only has an input voltage of 4v-6v and an operating ...
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Problem in transmitting Stereo Camera footage

I'm working on a Surveillance drone for underground mining and after assembling drone, I decided to add a companion computer NVIDIA Jetson Nano and a Stereo Depth Camera (Intel realsense D435i stereo ...
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How do I change GPS elements on the Betaflight OSD for my Acrobee Lite?

Right now I'm on Betaflight trying to change the OSD for my AcroBee Lite and it's being really weird, I can't seem to get more than three little thingies to be shown at once. Is there some sort of ...
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DJI FPV Air Unit mistakenly declares "slow card"

Getting a slow sd card in my DJI goggles screen indicating the message for the air unit. Using a 64gb SanDisk Extreme Pro Card.
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Quality of transmitted image and electrical problems

There is a question already regarding a flickering OSD, but I wonder how other image quality problems relate to electrical problems. What's the first thing one has to look for when the transmitted ...
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How to fix OSD displaying weird symbols

I upgraded from betaflight 3.X to betaflight 4.1.X and now my OSD displays weird symbols. It seems to have replaced the crosshair. (The 3 L shapes in the center) Expected result: How can I fix it?
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How to fix OSD flickering?

I just changed my Diatone R349 flight controller because the old one broke. On my first test flight, I noticed the OSD is flickering very bad, sometimes losing it for more than 1 second, even when not ...
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Are real-time OSDs for HD FPV video systems available for drones?

In the last several years, several high-definition FPV video systems have become available. These systems do not use the NTSC or PAL analog video historically used with FPV systems and they are not ...
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