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For questions about the open source firmware for RC radio transmitters

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Control drone from PC

I’m a programmer and novice in 'copters. I want to control my handmade drone from PC. (Use Python script to change yaw, roll, and pitch in real-time as if it can be controller using transmitter’s ...
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Select model in OpenTX from PC through USB connection

My question is if it could be possible to change and select models on a transmitter with OpenTX, by typing the model number into the PC. It doesn't matter if it is done via USB or MAVlink connection. ...
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Control opentx transmitter from pc?

is a standard way to control a physical aircraft by connecting a frsky transmitter to a PC? I do NOT want to use the transmitter to control a flight Sim etc. I'd like to write autopilot software ...
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What is the correct process for transferring to a new transmitter?

I’m looking to upgrade from my QX7 to the new Radiomaster TX16S Hall when it comes out. I have several models saved to my current radio, and I’d rather not go through the hassle of rebinding all of ...
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How do I set up LUA scripts on my OpenTX radio?

I’m looking at how to use LUA scripts and was wondering how to configure them I am OpenTX radio. Thanks. More info: at present, I don’t want to write my own scripts, only run scripts that I can find ...
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What do I need to do to get OpenTx 2.3.X to include D8 on a Taranis QX7 model?

I'm trying to do away with swapping my multiprotocol module and CRSF Micro TX unit, and have some D8 receivers that can arguably do the trick, but I haven't had any success with this after flashing up ...
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