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Use with questions asking for sources of information for specific problems relating to drones or model aircraft that are accessible online.

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Mathematical Model of Drones

I have recently decided to take up a small project at my University involving ML techniques and UAVs. TO get started, I have been looking for mathematical model of UAVs, but a lot of places offer a ...
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Sourcing Parts for an Air:Bit Micro:Bit Drone

I am interested in the makekit air:bit drone as a first build, since I have a small 3d printer and already own 2 micro:bits. I am sourcing parts and noticed it has a custom controller board by makekit ...
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Does anyone have a manual for this radio?

I ordered this JJRC JJPRO EM-16 2.4GHz 6CH AFHDS 2A Mode 2 RC Transmitter with Receiver Support P175 for RC Drone from banggood, and now I'm trying to figure out what the default settings are and how ...
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I'm looking for photo sets from drone photography to convert to 3D models. Where can I find them?

I'm looking for photo-sets taken by drones as part of a science assignment to generate 3D Models. Where in the net can I find some sites which can share some samples?
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Report a lost drone in the UK?

I recently lost my drone in the UK, it is quite big and sure someone must have picked it up. Is there any way to try and recover it, an online lost drone database? What steps can be taken in the ...
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