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Use for questions regarding the proper methods to securely mount motors onto any type of UAV.

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Difficulty with purchasing drone frames

Recently I purchased the following five inch frame to house my BR2212 2200KV brushless motors from racestar: The arms of this frame contain slits that are too small for the screws used on the base of ...
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Advice on correct linkage to use to rotate motor mount

I'm designing a VTOL based on a conventional airplane design that will use a tilt-rotor to move the motors 90 degrees around a carbon fibre tube that also acts as the wing spar. Each motor is tilted ...
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What size screws do I need for this motor

I am using this gimbal motor. I need to know what size screws do I need to use. I am developing egg and a frame that has 5 mm thick walls, and based on the chart I know I need to use 4m screws. I ...
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Determing the frame's hole mount length, for the right mount size motors

How do you find out the frame's motor mount mm length? And what motors are generally for 3 inch frames and 5 inch frames? Example: 3inch frames are generally for 1206 or 11XX motors? 5inch frame ...
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Why do most drones have upward facing motors?

Most freestyle quadcopters I have seen are specifically designed to fly with the motors facing upward and have the arms of the drone underneath the propellers like this: As you can see in the picture ...
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