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Import Cinema 4D produced animation as a mission plan

I'm looking for a way to convert animation paths and features that I created in Cinema 4D to something that Ardupilot can understand and import as a mission plan. Is there anything out there for this ...
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How to power a Companion Computer using the Holybro Pixhawk 4 Power Module (PM07)?

As the title says, I would like to power a companion computer (Raspberry Pi 3B in my case) using the PM07 Power Distribution Module: Power Module The Raspberry Pi should be powered via USB cable. ...
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For a typical dual controller + companion computer UAS, is it normal to have UART only from controller, and USB only from companion computer?

When I'm reading the extension capability of 3DR Solo, I realise that its breakout board interface has some peculiar limitation. Here is the context of the entire 3DR Solo design: it is an open-source,...
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What is the difference between Mission Computer and Flight controller? Why can't the Mission computer and Fight controller be on same processing board

I am exploring various on-board processors. I observed in most cases, the mission processor and flight controller processor are different and are integrated as and when required. I was wondering what ...
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