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Use in questions regarding the basic compounds or pieces that are part of more advanced items.

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How Carbon-Nylon propellers compare to other materials

Carbon fiber propellers consensus seems: more precision but lower flight time compared to common plastic propellers. But... what about Carbon-Nylon composite propellers that are basically made in ...
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How does frame stiffness affect a quadcopter?

When choosing a frame for a drone, something I hear mentioned occasionally is how flexible the carbon fiber is. It seems that the general opinion is: more flex in a frame is worse. How would having a ...
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What is a good alternative to carbon fibre for a quadcopter frame?

I am making a diy quadcopter and I need a strong and light material for its frame. Carbon fibre is not available in my area. I have tried aluminium but it's too soft and so needs repairs. What ...
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Difference between T700 carbon frames and 3k carbon frames?

I have heard that iflight's Green Hornet uses T700 carbon instead of 3k carbon. What difference does the new T700 carbon make?
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Differences between fiberglass-reinforced plastic and polycarbonate propeller materials?

What are the differences between drone props that are built from fiberglass-reinforced plastics and props made from polycarbonate?
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