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Questions tagged [lipo-batteries]

Use in reference to Lithium Polymer batteries, commonly used for their excellent energy density and their ability to provide large currents.

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How do I find the current my motor and speed controller will draw?

I am currently building an rc aircraft. I need to achieve approximately 20 minutes of flight time. I'm using a 1600w 320kv motor and a 80A speed controller. For 20 minutes of flight time at 80 draw I ...
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LiPo battery voltage keeps dropping when connected to PDB

I have an F450 quadcopter frame with the integrated Power Distribution Board. In order to use this feature, I soldered the battery (XT60) and the four ESC (Dean-T) connectors. I tested the continuity ...
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How do I store a Li-ion pouch battery without any discharger or balancer?

I have a single-cell 3.7V 900 mAh Li-ion pouch battery and a 7.4V 30c 2s 850Mah Li-ion pouch battery. I want to store these two batteries (the manufacturer suggests I should store the 2s pack at 3.8V)....
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What battery can I use for 1000kv brushless motor, that will be the cheapest?

I am using a 10 x 4.5 propeller for my A2212/13T 1000KV brushless motor with a 30A ESC. What battery will I need that will be cheap to power my motor alongside three 9-gram servos? Flight time is not ...
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How to maximize range with 2212 1400Kv motor and 30A ESC?

Premise, I'm not interested in speed or any type of sporty flight attitude, but only on range maximization I have 30A ESC, 2212 1400Kv motors 180W max with maximum efficiency current in the range ...
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What motors, battery and ESC to use for a drone of payload >50kg?

So I am designing this octocopter which can lift up a payload of more than 50kg, min 50kg for an intra-city package delivery drone. From what I figured, with 8 motors, the safest thrust needed will be ...
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A2212 1000kv Brushless motor keep beeping and twitching

I have bought an A2212 1000Kv brushless motor and a 30A ESC. I power this setup with a 7.4v 2s 30c 800mah LiPo battery. For the signal, I am using a DIY Arduino receiver and transmitter. When I test ...
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