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2 votes
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Does flying a drone close to the ground affect signal quality? [duplicate]

If I were to fly a drone over a large, flat field and there was nothing blocking Line of sight to the drone, would flying at close proximity to the ground impact the FPV video reception? would flying ...
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3 votes
2 answers

On a multirotor, how effective is braiding of power wires from the ESC to the BLDC Motor(s) in reducing or eliminate emf?

Assuming BLDC motors with the ESC positioned at the 'worst case' (furthest distance) with longest power wires between the ESC and the motor, will braiding these three wires reduce the EMF that would ...
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9 votes
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When flying FPV in a group, what are the best video transmission channels/frequencies to use to avoid interference?

When flying FPV drones in a group setting it is very important to choose appropriate video transmission frequencies so you don't interfere with others that are flying near you. What are the best ...
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