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Questions tagged [hardware]

For questions about the physical parts and components that make up a UAV.

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BLDC Motors not spinning at commanded RPM

I have a F450 Quadcopter frame with BLDC motors of 1000Kv and ESC (simonk) 30A each. I am trying to verify if the bldc motor rpm output at a commanded rpm is same as commanded rpm. I am using ...
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Why new/recommended MEMS IMU for AHRS for drones are 6-DOF instead of 9-DOF?

I'm developing an quadcopter as an DIY project. I'm in nascent stage of development. I've just finalized the design/working philosophy. I'm planning to fuse data from 9-DOF (9-Axes) IMU + GNSS + ...
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motor and holybro tekko esc heating issue

hii i recently started building a quad copter, for that im using hollybro tekko 4in one esc and and emax motors(EMAX RS2205 2300KV Brushless DC Motor for FPV Racing Drone) - Red Cap (CCW Motor ...
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Drones with attachments for cleaning windows

Newbie on drones. Are any attachments that can added to the bottom of a drone to carry a 1/4 or 3/8 water pipes? Thanks,
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